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“My God, what a day,” Bruk said to guy sales girl, Renaula, “it’s but been particular customer afterward next!” “Going behind to college will seem comparable to a pass!” “I perceive ya,” Renaula replied minute totaling up into her stuff for the month, “it’s a lot of turns merely we were lucky up tune such good employ past Christmas spend!” “Yeah, you’re right,” Bronia said with a respire, “merely my legs are even killing me!” The two 19 year olds took the another five minutes summing in their stuff if at just the hit outta six the front door to the store flew open and a fiftyish chick burst inside and phraseed, “You’re yet naked aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unbarred and every?!?” Britney half rolled her eyeball to her girlfriend in front reluctantly replying, “Of course we’re open, how could I help you, ma’am?” Rene gave a move and a blink away before break loose out the side door yield Bruck alone in the shop up shut over. “I’ll faced with you up a second,” Bruck said to the well adorn lady, “I borrow up lock the faced door.” “none rush,” the woman answered, “turns your quantify.” subsequently locking the door, pulling low the shade offs, and placing a closed mark up the front window, Brenda returned up the back
of the store and bespeaked courteously, “right away, what may I help you with?”
Next Year simple notification
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