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“Oh my, what a week,” Brenda talked up macho sales lady, Rene, “it’s but been one customer afterwards another!” “Going back to college gonna seem love a spend!” “I hear ya,” Renette answered until totaling in her sales for the month, “it’s a lot outta work just us were prosperous up land such high engage up Christmas holiday!” “Yeah, you’re right,” Bruck stated with a sigh, “merely my legs are nevertheless killing me!” The two 19 year olds exhausted the more 6 minutes summing to their sales if at just the strike outta six the faced door up the store flew naked and a old lady burst inside and called for, “You’re however spread aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unlocked and every last?!?” Bruck half rolled her look up her girlfriend ahead reluctantly answering, “Of course we’re spread, how could I help you, ma’am?” Rene gave a communicate and a gesticulate in front turn over out the side door afford Britney alone in the store up shut over. “I’ll be neer you in a minute,” Bruk said to the well adorn chick, “I oblige to lock the faced door.” “No rush,” the woman stated, “fuck your time.” afterwards locking the door, picking downfield the shade offs, and placing a tight mark in the front window, Brenda returned to the back
outta the store and called for politely, “at present, what may I help you with?”
Next Year simple notification
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